Wellbeing Treatments

We specialise in creating spa and wellbeing therapies that are right for you and your individual needs. From our thoughtful treatments to the beautiful natural products we use, our focus is solely on you the client and ensuring your time spent with us brings you to a new level of relaxation and regeneration. Please discuss your preferences so we can truly customise your time with us. We are happy to create individual packages for you or your group.

60 minutes $120 – Add polish $25

Ayurvedic Pure Foot Treatment

Experience genuine rejuvenation with our Ayurvedic Pure Foot Treatment, harmonising mind, body and soul. Through a blend of traditional herbs and balms, indulge in a sensory journey including soak, scrub, dead skin removal, toenail care, aromatic massage, foot mask and hand and arm massage. Find balance and bliss from the ground up.

45 minutes $120

Sacred Scalp and Face Treatment

Experience pure relaxation with our Sacred Scalp Treatment. Harnessing the power of nourishing balms, oils and expert massage techniques, this luxurious experience soothes the scalp, and releases tension from the head, neck and face muscle. Feel the stress melt away during this deeply nourishing treatment and leave looking refreshed and revitalised.

20 minutes $50

Infrared Red-Light Full Body Session

Infrared Red-Light therapy offers holistic wellness for your entire body. Harnessing the power of infrared and red-light wavelengths, this therapy penetrates deeply into the skin, promoting cellular repair and rejuvenation. Experience benefits such as reduced inflammation, improved circulation and enhanced collagen production, leading to overall well-being and vitality.

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